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This patient support community is for discussions relating to Speech and Language Disorders. Topics include, but are not limited to: Aphasia, Apraxia, Autism and Communication, Developmental Dyspraxia, Motor Speech Disorder, Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders, Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement (PVFM), Tongue-Tie (Ankyloglossia), Voice Disorders
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My mother, 65 years old, occasionally and mostly in moments when she is very stressed or even panicked, will start a sentence normally an...
I have 4 and 1/2 years old (bilingual) daughter. She has problem communicating complex sentences. She can say simple sentences in the lan...
I'm 20 years old. As time has gone on, my speech has gradually worsened. People tell me I mumble a lot and it's hard to understand me. ...
Hey!:) To make it short: I normally never stutter or anything in that way. At all. Okay, sometimes I stop talking to consider what exact...
My son is Stuttering, grinding his teeth when sleeping and making funny throat noises. Is there an underlying issue here? He is active in...
Our pediatrician strongly recommend to consider sensory therapy for my son, who doesn't want to talk. When he was born, doctors told us t...
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