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The spinal cord is the part of the nervous system that relays messages to and from the brain. Discuss topics including spinal stenosis, spinal cord injury or damage and treatment methods.
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MRI on 2/7/20 impression: Multifactorial moderate spinal canal narrowing at L4-5, including disc bulging, dorsal epidural lipomatosis, an...
I am a Type 1 diabetic and at the time I broke my tailbone, I was having major issues with my A1C and gastroparesis, so when I started ha...
I have an Syrinx C5-T5. I am having problems in my left ear, back of head on left side, numbness in left arm, and a lot of other problems...
Hi, I am having intermittent pain in my back that feels like an electric shock and sharp. I fractured my back at T7,T8, and T9 about 5...
A little backstory I was rear-ended in May of 2018 and ultimately ended up having to have two neck surgeries in August of 2018 one being ...
i have had pain and numbness in my right arm for about 10 years now . My doctor said it is because of my larger then normal size of breas...
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