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I'm 23 years old and in my first and only relationship. I've been with my man for almost 10 months. He has a beautiful little girl who is...
I am a step father for a girl who's 9 years old. I am also a bio father for a girl of 5 y.o. I live with their biological mom for about 7...
I need help! I have a15y.o. Stepdaughter that can get very bitchy, she has 0 compassion & 0 empathy. For how I feel about her. I have bee...
Hey Ya'll, First of all, let me just say thanks to each of you who have posted or responded. It was/ is so REFRESHING to read that I'...
My ex husbands fiancé just told me that when my daughter is over at the house that she showers with my daughter who is only 6 to show her...
I have a step daughter and sometimes I feel like we don't click! We have days to where we completely get along & then we have days when s...
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