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I understand divorce is extremely difficult, especially when you have no family or friends other than your two kids - 8 y.o. daughter and...
I have a ten yr old step daughter that lives with us 4 day's a week. She is a only child and get's treated like a 2yr old. Her father doe...
I dread any minute I have to spend with step kid. Husband wants to go to a sporting event. I love to go to sporting events. Just not when...
My stepson, well stepson to be, actually, is REALLY messed up, right now. His parents split up ten years ago, when he was 6. I came into ...
I'm at a loss as to what to do. I have 3 kids (7,9,11) from my previous marriage. I'm 8 months pregnant with boyfriend who has 2 kids (7,...
As much as I hate the term that's what she calls herself. My husband had a child from a previous relationship. As soon as she found out a...
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