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My 18 yr old son suffers with GAD. 3 weeks ago he started his freshman year of college. He is only 1 hr away and his older brother ...
how do i get through withdrawals from zanax to valium
I’ve had this pimple inside my mouth for a while. Very irritating when I eat or drink I can feel it rubbing against my teeth. It’s been a...
I'm really interested in learning what kinds of things work best.
I always had irregular period. From cycle 30,35,38 and even 45 length of cycle. I got my last period on April 23rd and I still didn't get...
I am a 33 going on 34 female and I have been having problems with my husband all thing related and I am so stressed out I have depression...
Hi everyone! I am 30 years old male and i have been smoking for last 15 years. 3 weeks ago, after a long period of stressful days i have ...
I have been having on and off headaches all day that last seconds when looking at light. When I was born my doctor said I had big pupils ...
My post KEEPS getting deleted...I don’t know why but I need help. For a long time now my left earlobe has been swollen and red/purple/bla...
Hello everyone. Pleased to be amongst you all. Hope all is well with you all. I recently pulled a muscle that wound up turning into a rea...
Past two weeks i faced this problem. I am depersed now. I have feel like mentle fatigue.
I have a question to see if I should get checked for any STI’s I have a male friend I have been hanging out with and I don’t know his...
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