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Every time I shower my skin on my legs and arms (and now increasingly on my lower back) gets incredibly itchy. There is no rash that app...
I don't know if I can discuss about all this here, ignore it otherwise, I had sexual exposure, that had a very low risk of oral. Since...
Hello! I’ve recently gone through a lot of stress and have since been experiencing various symptoms. I have been diagnosed with dysautono...
So I am 16 have for the past few months been stressing about my high hairline, worrying it might get even higher with time. However someo...
My resting heart rate is normally 55-60. However, my Apple Watch recorded that my heart rate was consistently 180-190bpm the entire night...
So basically I play basketball and we had a tournament and my team lost our game and we only got 3rd place. Ever since that I feel like I...
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