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A few years ago my varicose veins had become so bad that I had a sac of purplish-black blood hanging from each ankle. Very scary to look ...
Exactly one year ago my left eye was 20/100 and my right eye 20/70. I had cataracts in both eyes, macular degeneration in the left eye an...
Do you have a scalp cyst? I did for about ten years until recently. It felt like a marble under my scalp, about two inches above my left ...
I am a 32 year old white male. After a good bit of sobriety I relapsed on alcohol, cocaine, and opiates at a friend's bachelor party. Thi...
I'm 31 and have been where you are. Abused any way you can imagine by a drug addicted father. I hated life and wanted to die in my early ...
For over 2 years, I dealt with chronic back pain that just seemed to get worse. I underwent nerve ablations, injections, chiropractic tr...
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