Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Community

This patient support community is for discussions relating to SIDS, back sleeping, bedding, breastfeeding, genetics, pacifiers, prenatal care, and prevention.
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My baby died at 12 weeks old, not of sids but of whooping cough, im looking for support as no one can understand, my family n friends try...
Hey. I just joined tonight. My son, Joshua Aiden Day, of 8 months passed away the 2nd of March from SIDS. I don't really talk about it to...
Have SIDS deaths been shown to be unrelated to sleeping position, i.e. face down vs face up?
My baby passed away March 7, 2011. Im in the grieving process and cannot except that the medical examiner cannot find a reason. There mu...
this is the 1st site ive turned to but im 20 years old everything went so great i was laugthing during labor, he was sooo healthy.... its...
My baby boy died 2 days shy of being one month old, he was a twin. I care for and love dearly his surviving brother but everyday I think...
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