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My son would have been 12 now, but 7 days after his 2 month immunizations.. he passed away. the autopsy found that his lungs were congest...
My baby boy Aiden is 2mts old. He was born in December and someone told me with him being a male born in winter he was more likely to die...
does anyone know if infants that die of sids turn blue? i read somewhere that sids deaths do not turn blue, if they are blue than they d...
Hi Im new to this site , I lost my baby girl to sids Im I don't know how to handle this it's so hard for me . I have a hard time sleeping...
My baby died on 1st may 2010, he was 3 months old. I gave him his milk and put him down in his car seat,because i was in my parents house...
http://www.healthychild.com/toxic-sleep/has-the-cause-of-crib-death-sids-been-found/ http://www.healthychild.com/toxic-sleep/safe-co-s...
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