Swine (H1N1) Flu Vaccine Debate Forum Group

This Debate Group encourages lively/healthy discussion about the Pro's & Con's relating to the Swine (H1N1) Flu Vaccine. The FDA approved the Swine Flu Vaccine ... Will you be getting it? ---- Is it safe? NO PERSONAL ATTACKS ---- please, keep it a healthy debate!
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what are Beneifits of Black Elderberry extract?
I all ways get what ever flu shot is out and never got sick and have not been real sick fom cold flu or nothing doing well but I do know ...
Just wanted to let everyone know I was finally able to get my H1N1 vaccine today. I am 35 weeks pregnant and received the thermosil free...
do you know anyone who has had the shot, and did they hve a reaction to it
so i will take the vaccine at the VA in oct. anyone else ?
Is it safe - do we really know with certainty the effects on babies not born yet?
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