Swine (H1N1) Flu Vaccine Debate Forum Group

This Debate Group encourages lively/healthy discussion about the Pro's & Con's relating to the Swine (H1N1) Flu Vaccine. The FDA approved the Swine Flu Vaccine ... Will you be getting it? ---- Is it safe? NO PERSONAL ATTACKS ---- please, keep it a healthy debate!
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what are Beneifits of Black Elderberry extract?
I all ways get what ever flu shot is out and never got sick and have not been real sick fom cold flu or nothing doing well but I do know ...
Just wanted to let everyone know I was finally able to get my H1N1 vaccine today. I am 35 weeks pregnant and received the thermosil free...
do you know anyone who has had the shot, and did they hve a reaction to it
so i will take the vaccine at the VA in oct. anyone else ?
Is it safe - do we really know with certainty the effects on babies not born yet?
Well, got my flu shot the other day. Contains the everyday flu and the Swine flu vaccine as well. Whilst I had a bit of a sore arm for a ...
from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC H1N1 Flu Website Situation Update, January 23, 2010 Key Flu Indic...
Ours is in beginning of Dec. I started this group to get opinions of many members as we decided whether or not to get the vaccine, b...
Statistics for Alberta Canada on adverse reactions for H1N1 Vaccine: Over 600,000 people vaccinated to date, and only 36 (or maybe it wa...
what has it been like for them and their family and what has their community done in the schools, etc. to help thwart it from spreading, ...
So I think I have mentioned before that the organization I work for is very involved in the pandemic planning for our province (I live in...
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