TTC Over 45 Group

For all us woman 45 or almost 45 trying to conceive. Weather it be natural or with the help of fertility treatments.
Anyone have a hysteroscopy to enhance chance of pregnancy? My RE gave me one prior to DE transfer and I got PG and now he thinks I should...
Just checking in on all my TTC over 45 Sisters. I just wanted you to not give up and keep the faith! My little Ella is such a beautiful b...
How much an egg donor cost?
I run away from it today :) I couldn't do it. I have fibroids and they were going to check the location, with no sedation but I couldn't ...
Hello Ladies!!! :) This is my first time in the group. I will be 45 on Christmas!!! (Yes, I am a Xmas baby :) Never been pregnant. Just r...
Hello ladies, I just joined this group and I wanted to introduce myself. I am 48 years old and have two children, one girl (9) from a sp...
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