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Hi, I have been experiencing pain along my facial nerve( over right ear, temple, jaw, teeth) for about four wks. now. Dentist exam is ...
Hi, can you please help? I have severe jaw pain that turns into a really severe headache. I feel it in my face and neck and jaw. It start...
Since I was little I would always get this sharp intense pain as soon as I put food in my mouth start to chew my food. Right as it touche...
About a month ago I was in the hospital due to an infection caused by two molars on my right side. Prior to that I was unable to open my ...
I have searched the internet for any other post with a symptom similar to mine but can find nothing at all, so I am here to ask for hel...
My wisdom tooth came in a week ago and my gums were very swollen and I couldn’t open my mouth all the way. Now the swelling is down, I’m ...
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