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Temporomandibular Joint & Muscle Community

I have searched the internet for any other post with a symptom similar to mine but can find nothing at all, so I am here to ask for hel...
Has anyone with TMJ ever experienced a pinching/burning sensation at the top of their head? I also have some tingling and burning in legs...
I've had TMJ many years but just recently experienced extreme light and sound sensitivity when I had severe jaw pain one day. I experie...
Hello Dear Community, So about 2 months ago started to get really really nauseous and dizzy at times with mild to severe headaches. ...
After 3 years of constant 24 hour pain in my facial muscles and jaw have finally been diagnosed with TMJ issues. I had an MRI which sh...
A big lump in my face has swollen up. It feels like a ridge of muscle or tissue about half an inch under my cheekbone (zygomatic arch) an...
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