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So I’ve had this for a while now, basically there’s this big spherical ball next to my right testicle, it’s bigger than the testicle itse...
I just recently noticed a very small, firm lump (painless) at the bottom of my scrotum. It is NOT attached to either testicle - it's act...
Hi, I'm a 17 yr old whose left testicle has shrunk due to over masturbation. This happened when I was 15 and had typhoid and I decided to...
Hello, I feel a harder area lump at my right testicle bottom area. It feels a little sore and heavy. If I try to control both testicl...
Hello, I have been suffering from testicular pain for a while now. The pain is on the back side of my right testicle. my doctor ordere...
I was masterbaiting one night and then about a couple hours later I woke up in pain my left testicle was aching then it was sore for the ...
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