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Testicular Cancer Community

Hello dear .. I have pain in my right testis i found a hard lump down the testicule .. i already have mild varicose when i did doppler ...
Good morning i was diagnosed with a multilobular vascularity lesion back in feburary on my left testicle i havent seen a doctor yet until...
I was diagnosed with a multilobular vascularity lesion the lump my testicle went away now i have a veiny lump that moves from the bottom ...
I’m 10 weeks post vasectomy. Last 2 weeks I noticed a small lump in my scrotum. It’s not on the testicles. It’s definitely post-vasectomy...
One of my testicle is pretty noticeably indented, making it bean-shaped. To clarify, I am not exactly worried about it, since I've been...
I have a almost a 3rd testicle i Think ive had it for 1 year or so, and lately it’s grown. It’s grown to the size of my other testicles, ...
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