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I have been suffering of testicular pain and testicular lump since March. I have done Ultrasound and it showed nothing and i have done bl...
Over the last month or so I have discovered a small lump at the top of my testicle/outside of epidymis (honestly not sure which it's atta...
Hi everyone, I been having aches mainly in my left testicle since 3 months ago (March) I thought i have some STD since i had sex with a...
I'm 27, male, and relatively healthy. Sorry for long story but trying to get every bit of detail. Haven't been to a hospital in 10 years ...
Which one should I get? 24 Male, diagnosed with intermittent testicular torsion of the right side. Have been having pain in the right...
Epididymitis - No STI - Antibiotics do not work - Leukocytes in Urethra (found via swab) I've had right side epididymitis for a few m...
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