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I had skin tag in my testicular region from quite some time but it looked dead, very thin. Last few days it has swollen and it pains when...
4 month ago i felt soft pain in the right testis when i felt small lump in the bottem of testice i go to doctor and i make ultra sound .....
28 year old male here. Realized I found a small hard bump and the around it is hardened, on my left testicle. At the front of the tes...
Hello, I have a pain in my right testicle. It hurts from time to time for over a month now (when I touch it, the pain inside the testicle...
So to sum it up, I woke up one morning and for some reason I noticed a very small lump poking through the scrotal skin. Keep in mind that...
The doctor said I had a small lump and I haven't seen him for years
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