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I am wondering why my doctor would still want a thyroid uptake scan even though all my blood work came back normal? In March my family ...
This may be repeat question. TSH abt 5.4 . T4 normal . Dr wants me on synthroid but I am exhibiting signs of hyperthyroid not hypothyroi...
Im a 34 year old female with 4 girl’s lately Ive been extremely exhausted no energy. Ive gained so much weight. My blood came back with t...
My doctor doubled my time released Cytomel from 10 mg to 20 mg but I am extremely tired now. I have no thyroid because i had it removed b...
Just wondering if anyone else had nightmares immediately after having TT? I had horrendous nightmares in hospital the night after surgery...
Hi , I’ve been having like flutters of my heart for a few months lately and did a thyroid blood test as I thought it’s to do with my ha...
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