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Has anyone with thyroid issues take the supplement nattokinase and did it affect your thyroid levels ? (It is derived from soy yet contai...
Since I started taking five micrograms of t3 (already have 75mcg levo)in the middle of the day on an empty stomach, I have had terrible h...
Been mostly very hypo with low-normal FT3 since diagnosed with Hashimoto's 2012 - Drs were terrified of low TSH. New Dr working on gettin...
I am a biological female taking testosterone dues to a diagnosis of body dysphoria. During some blood tests over the last year, they have...
I have an appt. next wk. with an endocrinologist....would I assume they will put me on medication for a blood count of 0.01? I'm already...
Trying to figure out what these numbers mean TSH 0.01 T3 2.11 T4 1.0 ?
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