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Tourette Syndrome Community

I see a correlation with anxiety and increase in tourette's. Anyone else see this? Or what things exacerbate the issue?
When I think of an embarrassing moment (whether it be real or imaginary) I will blurt out a swear, or perhaps a sentence like, "I love yo...
I’ve started having tics in may 2021, I was 13 then. Now it’s been almost a year, I’m 14 and there still hasn’t been a single day without...
Hi there, I have no idea if this is the right place to ask a question but out of helplessness, here I go. I have a 17 year old dau...
My son (age 7) is having headaches, but pretty much only when he lays down for bed. He says it hurts across his forehead and he feels as ...
My son is 8 years old now and we noticed his tics when he was about 6. Initially, his tics included opening his mouth wide, rolling and b...
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