Trying to conceive Group

Tips, input and support for those trying to conceive. For great information to help in your journey... there are 3 searches I recommend. "The Beautiful Cervix Project", "My Egg and Me" and "Deanna's Plan". Each of them are featured in the first 3 posts in this group! Good Luck & Baby dust to all!!
So I get it first it is "So when are you getting married?" Now it is "So when are you having a baby?" My husband and I have been married ...
DH and I have been trying to conceive for 4 months with no luck. Last month I weaned my daughter from the breast and this will be the fir...
Well I am being scheduled for a D&C this Friday. There still is no change in the fetus. Oh I was praying things would turn out for the be...
Has anyone been told the fetus grew bigger but they thought it was a miscarriage? The re said the fetus is bigger since 5 days ago but wa...
My 1st ultrasound wasn't what I had planned. The re saw no heartbeat and said I was going to miscarry :(. I am 6 weeks by LMP. But only a...
I have just ordered: FertilAid... To hopefully help regulate my cycles and insure a more healthy reproductive system. Red Raspberry Lea...
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