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Tips, input and support for those trying to conceive. For great information to help in your journey... there are 3 searches I recommend. "The Beautiful Cervix Project", "My Egg and Me" and "Deanna's Plan". Each of them are featured in the first 3 posts in this group! Good Luck & Baby dust to all!!
My green week was the 28th-2nd and I'm pretty sure I ovulated the 30th or the 31st. We 'baby danced' the 27th, the 29th and the 2nd. Fing...
On September 13 I took a hpt which was positive, September 14 I spotted lightly , September 15 it got heavier and I went to the Er. Septe...
Hello I am new to this group. My husuband and I looking to conceive baby #3 which is going to be our last one. My daughter is from my p...
Im a lil confused.. I had my first day of my period on the15th October In which I started my first course of clomid cd 2-6... I then had ...
Hey everyone. My name is Areena, I am 22 going to be 23 in December. Me and my boyfriend are ttc and I have had some of the pregnancy s...
So I've been tracking my period since June and I recently downloaded a app on my Ipod to help me it tracks your on & off period, intimacy...
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