Tying The Knot Group

A group to discuss everything related to weddings, from invitations and rings to flower arrangements and bridal showers. If you're planning a wedding, or participating in one, please join us and share your stories.
I am looking into different centerpieces and trying to find something that is pretty, but at the same time not too pricey. I want somethi...
Hello Everyone, Welcome to the new Tying The Knot group! Please share with us when your big day is!
I really have no idea even really where to begin, but have been looking into who to invite to the wedding. I would like a somewhat small ...
What are your opinions on a guy asking for the woman's parents blessing?
neone have ne suggestions? I am about to give up...I need something comfy, and low...like a wedge...but looks good too....I know, hard...
well the wedding is over...all went well...and I did post pics for neone interested. "selma"
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