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I had a urinalysis done while being on doxycycline for 5 days. Neg Leukocyte and Neg Nitrite. Can doxycycline affect these results creati...
My mother keeps getting UTI's, doctor prescribed her GEMTESA, but this drug has serious side effects. Has anyone heard of D-Mannose, a ...
My Dr. sent out a sample for a culture. I see the results on my chart. It says "Final Report. No growth at One day" Is One day the norma...
I've been having recurrent cystitis for the past ten months, but since May I don't experience the usual cystitis symptoms such as burning...
I had asked this in another forum, but so far no response. My doctor had me do some lab work. In my urine sample it came back high with W...
I'm a young type 1 diabetic male. i received oral sex from someone on March 17th. a couple days later. i got irritation in my Urethra. i ...
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