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I had a cystoscope 12 days ago after referral by my OBGYN for possible urethral cyst or diverticulum and ongoing microscopic blood in my ...
Can someone guide me t o proper forum of this group I need to ask this question that some 17 years ago i went to a psychiatrist for t...
Well I have one kidney, I had to get the other removed because it was cystic. I have a lot of problems with urinary incontinence and I p...
Diagnosis is BV no UTI. I have the constant urge to pee and do so about every half hour. The full feeling in my bladder never goes away. ...
How often should the check ups for unilateral hydronephrosis I-II° be after the hysterectomy because of big myom?
to tell a summary about myself I’m a virgin girl. Recently I started to try to masturbate by rubbing my clit, however I still couldn’t re...
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