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Vaginal Rejuvenation is surgery to tighten the inside of the vaginal canal, the opening of the vagina and supporting structures to improve sensation and sexual function. This forum is for questions that pertain to the following topics, Labia Surgery, Labiaplasty, Excess Clitoral Hood Reduction, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Vaginal Tightening, Perineoplasty and Hymen Restoration.
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Idk if my hymen is broken or not. I fell down a flight of stairs and bled for two days. I checked to see. And I see to flaps of skin. Tht...
I've been to the doctor five times for the same issue - been tested, and told that my discharge doesn't match any discharge they have doc...
hi is it possible to have an inclusion cysts 1 year after child birth they had cut my vagina during delievery , i think its called an inc...
Hey. I believe I have a Bartholin (?) cyst on my labia. It swells if it's touched and it's gotten very sore, almost to the point where I ...
Hi , I am 23 and i am having swelling on libia minora. I am having buring and itching sensation. Also the viginal fluid is not viscous an...
After a botched labiaplasty, im left with no labia minora. How important is the labia minora, and can i have sexual intercourse now that ...
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