Vitamin B6 Toxicity Group

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that can result in nerve damage when too much is taken in the form of supplements. B6 is found naturally in most grains such as flax and wheat. Many vitamin supplements and diet pills also contain more than the daily requirements of vitamin B6. B6 toxicity, also known as B6 overdose, is rare and most doctors are unfamiliar with it. It's becoming more common as manufacturers are adding B6 supplements to many vitamins and fortifying cereals. Symptoms commonly include a feeling of pins and needles, like nails being driven into you, generally in your hands and feet or anywhere else in your body where you've sustained nerve damage in the past. However, instead of pain, symptoms may include numbness. Either is refered to as neuropathy. Anytime you eat foods with certain forms of vitamin B in them (B1, B3, B6), your symptoms worsen for many hours. B6 toxicity is usually reversible by avoiding foods with vitamin B in them for 6 months to 3 years.
In February 2016 I began taking 100mg of B6 daily. 7 week later I began to experience the following symptoms: muscle twitching all over m...
Hi i'm taking a vitamin b12 complex with folic acid tablets for peripheral neuropathy. It contains 10mg of vitamin B6, I just wanted to k...
I have been diagnosed with B6 toxicity. My doctor said that exercise would be good because it would speed metabolism. However, I'm conc...
Hy, 3 months ago i started to drink 90 mg of vitamin b6 daily for 2 weeks. After that the situation has improved, the blood level of b6 ...
Hello all! I was recently diagnosed with a B6 toxicity of 128. I have, too, been experiencing all of the symptoms. I stopped B6 (syntheti...
Hi, just diagnosed with Vit B6 small fibre peripheral neuropathy and really really struggling with it, the whole idea of it, the fact tha...
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