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Is there anyone trying to adopt? How easy or difficult is it in the United States these days and how costly? Anyone going through this w...
Had a Vacum Aspiration 7 days ago and no bleeding has occurred.Does this mean it didnt work?
I had a surgical aspiration abortion 4 days ago. I'm between 25-30 years old and in relatively good health (not obese). It was 6 weeks ...
I am in the middle of a nasty drama. I fell for this man, who travels a lot for work. Even when he was in the middle of his business tr...
i had sex (used a condom) but i was drunk and so we never checked the condom for holes afterward but i assumed it was fine (he didn’t say...
I'm sara my last period is 4th june but now on july I didn't have periods my boyfriend ask me to use misoprostol abortion pills so i use ...
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