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I have a 6 month baby girl. She born in c section delivery. Feb 14 i take a abortion pills.That time the baby was aborted. But now i am p...
Anyone at all familiar with postinor 2, the two tablet dosage, right so here is my hugeee concern, me and my gf had sex on the 26/01/2018...
Hello everyone. I had an ablation (balloon) and D&C in 2011 in 20's. I have never truly wanted children, and I stupidly made this decisio...
My emergency control failed i took it 2 weeks ago and took a pregnancy test and its positive i currently have 2 children and married but ...
I haven't talked to the babies dad since friday i think hes chicken out but doesn't know how to tell me I called his grandma she says she...
Hi, I've a question. Let's say I've had sex a week ago and now ( 7 days after, checked positive pregnant) And I would like to do an ...
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