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Utilize minimally invasive surgery, high-resolution ultrasound imaging, preventive women’s health techniques, and management of both high risk and normal pregnancies to provide comprehensive care for women of all ages, all while maintaining a personal touch.
Hi, I ended up with an infected tooth needing a root canal last week and got put on abx, of course, from that I ended up with a yeast inf...
well for the past week now i have now tooken 5 pregnancy test now and i have taken two in the morning and both test read a half of a + si...
I experienced a fishy smelling type of odor one night that both my boyfriend and I were aware of. I have been having sex every day for t...
I had sex 4 time in 12 hours on the 20th of Aug without any contraception.My last period was at the beginning of the month and i dont rea...
Hi,im 14 years old and ive been bleeding non stop for about 2 months and i was wondering what it could be ? i know its not a uti or a tam...
hey, im 21 years old, and i am sexually active, but only with one guy. About 4 days ago i shaved 'down there'. i do it all the time and...
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