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I'll make this short, but since the birth of my child...3 years ago, I have been getting shorth of breath about a week before I start my ...
I had my only child 4 years ago and had a very difficult birth where i experienced a bad tear and needed to go to surgery after to have t...
have been getting single pimple bite spots for about 3months now,single bumps,norash that itches like crazy,when Ido itch,it rubs it raw,...
This is quite odd but I experience an uncomfortable cramping in my lower abdomen after I have an orgasm or after a particularly intense b...
Hi I've had no period and my little boy is almost 8.5 months old. Exclusively bottle fed since birth. Everything I've read says I shou...
About 5-7 days ago I was laying in bed when I got this horrible pain on my right side that lasted maybe 2 or 3 minutes. Since then, there...
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