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Hi,I'm 15 and I've noticed for the past weeks that I've had some sort of smell in/on my vagina. Most times it smells completely normal an...
Hi,I noticed while I play with myself that in the inside of my vagina, somewhere at the entrance but still inside,on the top wall is a bu...
So about a week ago I had what I thought was a typical ingrown hair, which I get often following shaving. It was located on my lower labi...
I’m having chunky discharge. It only happens after masturbation. Sometimes the discharge is clear with a white strip in the middle of it....
I'm looking for first-hand accounts of decent experiences/success stories after receiving Cervical Cryotherapy. If you previously had pos...
I hope someone here has had this experience and can give me some insight into what might be happening. In May I was diagnosed with mild d...
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