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This has been going on for maybe two years now, and it's really bugging me. There are these tiny white fibers that poke up from the skin ...
I’ve had a bump under my clit for years. When you pull back my hood it’s a bump on my left fendulum labia. Where the clit meets the labia...
My wife has just turned 40 an out of the blue announced she and to start masturbating.I am at a loss for words. Why is she doing this?
Someone please help I’m 5 months postpartum with a forceps and Episiotomy and my vagina is completely numb I have also developed a badder...
I have sharp shooting pains through my vagina and anal area. They only last a few seconds. The build and peak like labor pains. Say I'...
If my report says no blood flow detected in right ovary does that mean that there is none? Confused and scared please help.
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