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Yes it really has been that long. I’ve had a few stretches of several months that were more normal, or where I did not bleed at all, but ...
I'm 38 years old virginal woman who was sexually abused as child (not raped/forced sex), and get a chronic pain, discomfort, and a painfu...
So my memory used to be semi photographic I would say. Really really strong and vivid. I barely remeber things and I’m usually very confu...
Hello! I’ve been having right flank and pelvic pain for about three weeks now. It’s slowly getting worse and I’m in a ton of pain. I firs...
In the late 70s I was prescribed Bendectin - an anti-nausea drug, taken during my first trimester in two pregnancies. Both of my daughter...
Im seriously worried ever since day 18 July. My period was on July 8 so im expecting it on 2-3 days. Im on my early 20's, im a virgin, i...
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