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Hi im 14 years old i have had this bump on my vagina it looks like a pimple and it doesnt hurt and it doesnt get bigger its just there an...
I've been a Chronic Asthmatic all my life. I'm 60yrs. For the past 11 months I have had under both breast and mid to upper back muscle s...
Do any stay at home Mom 's or dad's know of any good programs or other ideas to make extra income. I am a homemaker and could use some ex...
I am 51 years old. I have always had a very healthy sex life. For the past year I have no desire what so ever. Please help.
I have been married for 21 years and the last few years my husband repeats what I say right after I say it. It is very frustrating and hu...
Yesterday morning I gave this head and I was drunk and my throat hurt afterwards so I looked at my throat and my uvula looked sore and lo...
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