Your Life Story Group

This group is a place where you can share your life story, and explain why you have grown to be the way you are. We want to be understood and loved, right? But the only way we can be understood and loved is if we open up and share who we feel we really are with others. By being honest with how we feel, we will make real friends, and get the support we want and need. See, if we all hide away in fear, we will never realize that there are millions of people also hiding in fear, and we may otherwise never find the love and support we could have. So please share your story with us, we welcome you with an open heart!!
Due to MedHelps 8000 character limit, you may have to post your story in sections! Just respond to the same thread you started on to co...
As a kid living in the country with a big family I am thankful of my childhood! But moving to a small town and starting public school (6 ...
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