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They are bands of scar tissue that form internally within the abdomen.They can attach themselves to anything and they cause very severe pain.They can also cause whatever organ they are attached to to malfunction and can cause bowel obstructions.
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I had a lap-appy in 2010 and developed severe complications; including 2 intrabdominal abscesses that had to be I+D'd, an exploratory lap...
I am in the hospital in lots of pain. My lower right abdominal area. I have had many surgerys. Real quick though, my question is,,, Does ...
After a break for about 3 months and since having adhesions' surgeries last year in May and in July 2013, they are back. Dr doesn't wan...
I've had adhesion's and surgeries in the past. I've had 3 female surgeries, the very first surgery was a laparascopy and even on that su...
Ill kind of tellyou my story and any advice wud be lush.... always have gyny probs and cervical issues but anyway managed to have 2 gorge...
Anyone heard of any exercise that helps keep the adhesion from coming back? Or a diet ? Any thoughts?
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