bible study group Group

coming to gether to share things and learn things about the bible. ( god's word)
Dear all Greetings. I have always wanted to read The Holy Bible and get to know the Word of God. However I could never do it since t...
Hi everyone! First let me say I'm a true believer in god. I've been saved and baptised but I'm ashamed to say that I do not go to church...
I had an abortion in October it was something I did not want to do and I was pressured to do it. I have 2 beautiful children and look at ...
I hear people all the time say once we are saved we are always saved & that we can still go to heaven despite my lifestyle! It's because ...
I had the Holy Spirit but now I feel He is gone as I am spiritually dead. I kept sinning and sinning aand having sex not obeying God and ...
Would anyone like to email private here and speak of the word of the Lord? Let me know.
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