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some people have had real paranormal activity in their own houses,jobs, or neighborhood. some people dont believe in the "after life" i do and i think i have expirenced it a few times. this is a place where you can share any kind of expirence you have had with the after life, paranormal, or ghost. weather it be friends, family, or someone just trying to tell you something from the other side.
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I've been looking for a site where I can share my experience and possibly get some feedback from people who may have experienced a simila...
Does anyone have any REAL stories about spirits they have seen/encountered? If so, please post them below and put where and how long ago ...
my mates mum died 2 days ago, her sister died a week before at the same time on the same day of the week, (Friday 2:40), she died on his ...
Does anyone know if a wendigo can take the form of a shadowy form?
I was wondering if there was anyone on here who has actually experienced any kind of supernatural activities? I'm not sure just what I a...
I have recently moved back to my parents place while my new fiance and I wait for our new place to be ready. Its been almost 4 months now...
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