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Has any one had a good or bad zyban experience or thinking of using them as an aid to give up smoking or depression, I have been reading some interesting things about these pills, so it would be good for your feed back and it would all so help people in the future decide if its right for them :) p.s I am on day 8 at the moment and have insomnia and i am getting obsessed with each task i do.
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I just signed up for MedHelp, I'm using zyban to quit smoking ... was hoping to see more active people in this group. Anyway, I'm keep...
The amphetamine chemical similarity of zyban(bupropion) will cause that obsession with things you do. This mindset is a symptom of "speed...
Zyban (wellbutrin,bupropion) is an amnioketone that resembels amphetamines and tenuate. It is sructiorally different than any other anti ...
I took zyban 10 years ago, I took it for 2 weeks and stopped because I didn't like side effects. I had a nervous breakdown not long after...
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