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10 Worst Foods for Your Bladder

Always Gotta Go? 10 Foods to Avoid

Always Gotta Go? 10 Foods to Avoid

If you feel like you're constantly running to the restroom, you're not alone. One in six American adults experience urinary urgency (meaning you have to go now) and urinary frequency (meaning you go very often - more than eight times a day). Before you relegate yourself to a lifetime of bladder problems, know that simple tweaks to your diet can drastically improve your symptoms. Check out these 10 foods that could be aggravating your bladder and learn how to live without them.

By J. Kyle Mathews, MD, a board-certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology in private practice in Plano, Texas, and an expert in MedHelp’s urogynecology forum. Published March 14, 2011.