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mental illnesses aren't real; sick; back to write more

Apr 29, 2010 - 11 comments

I thought Id tell every one Im back. Let me just first say that I've been sick. I'm bleeding only after sex and when someone puts a slight pressure on my lower abdominal area. I'm extremely nausated that my chest hurts. The hospital when I went had no answers to why I'm feeling like this. I'm so tired, I can hardly stay up more than an hour, i'm urinating abou 4-5 times an hour. Anybody else have problems like this or have any clue what was going on? I wasn't sure if it could be the twisting of overies or even a cyst that can do that. i did have my only depo shot in early december.

Other than that I wanted to get on all these people believing there are such things as mental illnesses. I watched the videos my boyfriends church played and had to agree. The is no such thing as mental illnesses. I didn't know the book on mental illnesses was written by pshyc doctors who were louder then the others at a table. They just blurt out answers. Plus what about all the drugs that they 'think' are going to make you feel better when you're basically a zombie after taking them your creativity's gone, you're tired and it gives you more illnesses that in turn kill you. People are dumb that they're feeding into the lies of the mental health industry really.

So yeah. I thought i'd update and let this free.

1st entry---My living with Hypoglycemia Book idea

May 01, 2009 - 0 comments

I'm going to use this journal for many uses, just a way to get things out that I can't put anywhere else, such as other journals or blogs because I'm afraid of who's going to read it and who's going to judge me (who knows why they would but you know). I'm going to write about my hypoglycemia issues, my seizures (I'm photosensitive), any allergic reactions to red dye #40 (which I'm highly allergic to), or even some of my writing by chance. This is my expressive time.

Okay enough of that. I've been noticing how everywhere there's books on diabetes but no books on people with Hypoglycemia, which is just as horrible. My blood sugar has been dropping like crazy. I know I'm not a doctor nor do I want to be, but it'd be nice to write about my experiences then hopefully find a doctor to back me up on this book and write whatever they want in it. It'd be nice to have people like me with these problems to not feel like they're left out n the dust, it *****. I'm sitting here with a thing of glucose tablets just in case my blood sugar drops because of whatever reason.

Sorry about such a crummy entry tonight but I'm tired. I've been sleeping like a normal human and NOT taking naps lately so that means I want to go to sleep now.

Later people.