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Hoping For The Best This Time (Pray 4 me Medhelp Fam)

Aug 16, 2012 - 2 comments

Well I left the doctor today and he took me off the birth control.I was told I couldn't start my fertility treatment yet because birth control put your ovaries to sleep so he say you usually have to wait like 4 month for them to wake up but he's gonna give me til Oct.My beginning treatment is 300.00 which is pretty good compared to what other doctors charge and that 4 to check my tubes and stuff to make sure that they good and to check me to make sure Im ready to carry to my angel( fingers crossed)!! He is also gonna try me on clomid and also give me an trigger shot if needed when he measures the follicles but he's going to raise my dose to an 100 mg on clomid this time (i was on 50 when I mismarried last time) but he will watch very close this time and see will I need progestogen pills and stuff this time when I get an postive!!