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A Better Week

Jun 20, 2009 - 0 comments

This week was better, overall.  I am still confused about how many Imitrex I am allowed to take, and when.  However, it hasn't been a critical thing, because I think I've only taken one or two all week.  Yesterday afternoon, I had a brief episode of ice-pick-headache-in-the-left-temple.  Soon, this morphed into pain behind the left eye.  Fortunately, that didn't last long; I took an Imitrex in response, and it went away very quickly, so quickly that I question whether the Imitrex had a chance to do anything, or if the pain went away on its own.

Spent more than a day in required continuing education this week.  Dreadfully boring much of the time, but at least a change of scenery.  Yesterday's trip to class was through some incredible thunderstorms.  I was glad someone else was driving -- sort of.  Had I been in the front seat, I might have felt more like I'd relinquished control.  Being in back, I knew I had, so I accepted it and moved on, I think.

Before leaving for work, I came as close as I ever hope to come to being struck by lightning.  I had Bandit's leash in one hand and my cane in the other.  My forefinger was against the metal cane shaft, and the remainder of my hand was on the hard plastic handle.  I happened to be looking in the general direction of one of the cars, and briefly saw on the windshield and hood the reflection of two or three very intense streaks of lightning.  Simultaneously, I felt a strong electrical tingle, almost a burn, in that left forefinger against the cane.  I think I dropped it, but I truly don't remember.  Suddenly, there was a deafening crash, and a brilliant jagged streak betwewen the sky and the ground somewhere very close.  I couldn't see exactly where it hit the ground.  As it happened, I was momentarily blinded by the light, then all I could see was the memory of its image as my eyes attempted to readjust to the darkness that returned as quickly as the flash of light had blown it away.  Bandit is norrmally quite content to watch thunderstorms with his nose pressed against the window, but with this sudden blast, he dashed up the ramp to the front door as though his life depended on it.  Maybe it did.

Took Bandit back to visit Annie last night, and they had a ball chasing each other around Nancy's house.  We gated the two of them into the kitchen while we went out to dinner.  Upon our return, we found nothing amiss, no signs of any violence or accidents anywhere.

Nancy and I, incidentally, entered into a new two-year service agreement together with a wireless carrier, and we know there's no getting out of those, so we must say we're committed, I suppose!

Saturday morning

Jun 13, 2009 - 3 comments

Yesterday was a rough day, at least the first half of the awake part.  I had the nerve to make that last leap from 600 mg to 900 mg of Neurontin a few days ago, but then yesterday I felt it was doing more harm than good, sapping my already limited energy and adding sleepiness to my already off balance head.  The general neuro finally called me back, and I was really surprised when he stayed on the phone with me for 20 minutes.  I think one of those customer service people down there might have cracked a whip in his area.  I did a lot of whining in the past couple of days; perhaps some of it has paid off.  It's also because I was insistent, and wouldn't let him go until I'd spoken my piece.

His contention remains that I do not have MS, largely because the MS expert says I don't have MS.  Unfortunately, I explained, the MS expert has so far only convinced me that I don't have a TYPICAL or CLASSIC case of MS, because of the MRI (1.5T, January 23, 2009) showing only a few small-to-punctate T2 hyperintensities in the deep and subcortical white matter, of unknown etiology.  Still, this guy is going along with the neuro-ophthalmogist in following the "odd form of migraine" theory and disregarding an "odd form of MS" (or maybe not all that odd) as a possibility.  This morning, I read (likely not for the 1st time) a synopsis of MS symptoms on {another health site, beginning with "Wellness"}, and practically everything they listed was part of my recent experience.  I can't say that about migraine.

Dr. Q told me to back up to the 600 mg doses of Neurontin, and prescribed Imitrex, one to two as needed, to tackle the bouts of what he and Dr. K think might be migraine.  Okay, I tried it last night, and again this morning.  I felt a tightness in the neck and jaw after last night's dose, just as the patient instructions from the pharmacy said I might with the initial dose.  However, it wasn't severe, nor did it persevere.  Today, no such sensation.  I'm starting to like my pharmacy a lot.  Now, did the Imitrex do anything for me?  It really doesn't feel like it, but I'm going to give it a bit longer of a test.

Well, duty calls, in the form of a sermon, worship service, laundry, dishes, car repairs, etc., etc., ad infinitum.