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Sometimes you just have to brush it off...

Oct 22, 2009 - 9 comments

Things have just been upside down with me! I just HAVE TO brush things off! otherwise I'd go crazy.... =S

My mom is well known for throwing temper tantrums, (no, like, literally...) about shopping. When we don't have enough time to visit ALL the f'ing stores she wants, then she literally pouts, tells me how I just think of myself, not consider the needs of 'everyone else' and how I get all irritated for nothing and I have no patience... blah blah blah blah blah.....

Granted, let me tell you, she would tell you how she cannot walk fast if we are rushing her (due 'to her ankle') but yet sprint to a store if she sees the world 'sale'.
She would tell my dad how everyone else in her circle of friends receive some sort of 'allowance' from their husbands (non of them work, of course) and she doesn't and he is the worst person in the world, yet every time she points out at something, my dad is getting it for her.
She is so damn spoiled is not even funny.... she's one of those that would tell you on and on and on about how much this hurts... that hurts.... how unfortunate she is... how much she suffers in life.... blah blah blah blah blah!!!!!!

It is PATHETIC! it is very tough to live with a person so self centered like her... I DO LOVE HER, don't take me wrong... but boy... last time she threw a fit infront of me, telling me how inconsiderate I was for 'rushing' her thru damn walmart and so selfish... (Maddie was so tired and SCREAMING her lungs of because she wanted to go home, it was 9 pm... and hadn't got her a bath, dinner and put to bed yet!!!) I just had to either snap her head off or BRUSH IT OFF.

My husband is telling me what kind of mom she is? to do this kinds of things? she always did that to me when I was pregnant and couldn't even walk 10 feet without feeling absolute pain .. and after working 8 hours.... and she would NOT care... all she wanted was to shop,... that I just had to BRUSH IT OFF.

My boss calls me up into her office one day and tells me how late I am every friggin day and that things need to get done and that people are complaining.... when ALL I do is help people do what THEY should be doing themselves... explaining to old fat cows how to do things.... several times! and then they go and complain to my boss that I am the one that doesn't get things done in time....
I just HAD to brush it off....

This morning, I am putting spray on my hair in the office bathroom... a lady walks in and tells me 'why can't you just do this at home?!"... I said: 'because I'm ret*****... not super mom like you obviously'.... (let me tell you about this word later....). She proceeds to tell me how I should do a schedule blah blah blah blah blah....
I just HAD to.... yep! brush it off!!!!
I've seen it now.... as a mom, you WILL NEVER please everyone... and before the eyes of the 'best moms out there' (saying it VERY sarcastically) you will always do harm to your child. No matter what.

Ok... so in facebook, a friend of mine posts how scared she was because a guy almost hit her this morning (car) while she was dropping her baby off at daycare.
I said something along the lines of: 'I'm sorry there are some RE***** out there that would not even care to harm a baby just to go first in the car'.
A lady answers in the same thread how much of a horrible person I am for calling a person RE***D and that is an insult to people with disabilities, since she's a mom of a disabled child.
I NEVER EVER intended to offend ANY child. I am calling a bad name (yes, it is and I will be more careful using it from now on, this is why I am not fully spelling it) a numbnut out there that is being irresponsible behind the wheel!!!

Sometimes.... you JUST have to brush it off.....