Starship MS daily Log June 8, 2010 Journals
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June 8, 2010

Jun 09, 2010 - 3 comments

Today has been better. I slept a little more than the rest of the week and that is a plus. I have been having new tingling in my neck and left thigh. Falling more and going to the bathroom is beginning to be a chore. I feel as if I am the hardest person to live with these days and I am sure my family think so as well. My eight year old is afraid to leave me alone afraid I will fall that is notwhat an eight year old needs to worry bout. He is autistic and very attached to me. He is my joy and is one of the most caring boys. My husband is afraid to leave me alone in the tub and I think I worry him more than I intend. Working 12 hour shifts is putting a toll on the body but without a diagnosis I can not think about anything else. Insurance is a must. Oh well. On a more positive note Christ is my strength and my passion. With Him I can do all things.