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What Happens During a Stroke?

Anatomy of a Stroke

Anatomy of a Stroke

The statistics can be frightening: this year alone, close to 800,000 Americans will have a stroke. In many cases, strokes are fatal; in nearly all cases, they can cause serious, long-term disability, including paralysis, memory loss, and speech, language, vision and behavioral problems.

But the reality is much more hopeful: Strokes can often be effectively treated and—in many cases—completely prevented. Knowing the warning signs of a stroke and taking swift action can save your life and prevent long-term damage. Learn what happens during a stroke, and what steps you can take to lower your risk. 

By Jenilee Matz, MPH. Published December 7, 2012. Jenilee Matz, MPH is a medical writer, health educator, and triathlete based in Charlotte, NC.