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Which Is Worse: Super Bowl Snacks

The Ultimate Nutritional Faceoff

The Ultimate Nutritional Faceoff

Game day is here. After months of hard work — eating right, exercising, staying focused on the goal — it all comes down to this one day. The Super Bowl is a time when fierce competitors face off. Who will you go for: Pizza or wings? Nachos or jalapeño poppers?

If you're one of the many people trying to improve their diet in the New Year, what do you choose when faced with a buffet of calorie bombs? While you won't find health foods at most Super Bowl parties, you can make wise choices that won't bust your diet. We'll help you make the right nutritional call with these game-day snacks.

By Nicole Ferring Holovach, MS, RD. Published January 31, 2012. Nicole is a Washington, DC-based nutrition communications professional, writer, and yoga teacher. She blogs about holistic health at