Finished Lemtrada in February; feeling better except for extreme fatigue, any help is good help! 08/17 - 0

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Thinking MS is like a rollercoaster ride!! 08/17 - 0
Last 3 Lemtrada infusions next week!!  Was up to almost 1.5 mile walk, so guess its working 02/17 - 0
Lemtrada one down, next one is February 2017, hoping that it stops future relapses 06/16 - 0
Infusion 42 coming up but still trying to get on Lemtrada.  MS continues to be a royal pain and perhaps I should pad my knees with hockey pads! 09/15 - 1
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gypsyflyer Have you heard of LDN? I'm in progressive and it's helped with some symptoms... it's not a MAINSTREAM drug which I'd never even think of taking. You should research it, and it's only $30 a month, those "doctors" don't get a kickback from it.
Another year with MS, it continues to surprise me 02/15 - 1
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SarahL2491 Diesel will be 2 in October, where has the time gone?  Tysabri is still my bff, they tease me with Lemstrada but I never see any paperwork.  Squirrels still rule in Diesel's world, unfortunately
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