Hey ! good news . went for vaccis banding and the doc did not have to do any , said see you in 6 months . Looks like i am getting better on the vaccies. 05/12 - 4
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pooh55811 That is really good news.
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Interfurgen hey! thanks! now we can move on to the next step, before i do the big 3 tx. Got to get head doc on the same page . I will have to go back on DEPRESSION meds. I reallly don't want to go there , but the riba rage hit me toooo badlyy!!!
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blondie717 Hey buddy do what you need to doo. Really good new's about the vaccies ;-)
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Interfurgen this is got to be, the coldest winter. are i'm I just feeling so some more sx effect of TX.being cold, living at 4000 ft,. may also be the cause, NAhhhh. it's got to be the hcv ( heck-a-cold-vaccies.)

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