Blank 5 yr old had high white cells and LDL count tonight....whats LDL? from I read its not good 05/12 - 0

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find me on face 05/12 - 0
lost my income, have exhausted myself getting help. trying to find a job with no car is near impossible...ughhh the anxiety attacks are creeping back 05/12 - 0
its been raining for days! BLAHHHH 05/12 - 1
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specialmom Oh, I hate that.  I hope you get some sunshine soon!
how is everyone? the migraines have subsided for now. anxiety is worse. with breathing problems 04/12 - 0
hope everyones been ok...ive been having daily migraines and not on here much 04/12 - 1
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deadmemory I hope you start feeling better doll. I have been having daily pain from surgery, but am keeping myself busy. Today, I will finish weeding and will begin planting my wildflower garden! We got some flowers for Jade too called, Children's Garden =+)
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