is ...not doing to good. when i came home to hawaii i was on 4 10 mg of percocet a day, then 05/13 - 0

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is starting the taper process all over again. on day 3 using vicoden to take the edge of wds. 05/13 - 0
is ... 10/12 - 2
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freelysurrendering How are you?sorry I haunt been on in a few days I have familycoming in town so I'm preparing for thAt..I hope you a much better ..
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helpmehawaii hey everyone, i havent been on for some days, lost a great friend of mines to domestic violence. if any of you are in california, she was the hawaii women killed by her cowerd new husband. i hope he rots in jail. and wish there was the death penalty. so ive been just shocked and very sad and depressed. she was a great friend and a single mother to her son who is 20. she met this coward less then 2 yrs ago and he acted as he was a prince charming. moved her to his home and began to abuse her. im ok, my detox came to a hault but also at times dont even thing of taking them. up with rls. please pray for me and my friends family and son, in honor of her and to stand againts domestic violence, many hawaii residents who are friends and relatives are shaving there heads. i will also be doing that, aloha and love, leanne
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