is ...hanging in there, but so tired of just...hanging in there and wants to live like it once was, but...praying for a miracle. 05/13 - 4
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medwannabe You need to get tested for Lymes disease. it has to be by a lymes literate doctor or they will ignore the possibility. Find out what your CD57  result is and it might lead you in the right direction. Find some Lyme blogs and compare symptoms.
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skeetelmore65 Thank u so much. I am trying to get in to see a Lyme literate doc close to home. I hope that it can shed some light on what is happening to me. God Bless, Karen
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B6poisoned You should have a vitamin B6 test, many of your symptoms sound exactly like problems from excess B6. I could be completely wrong, just a suggestion, it is a simple test. Many supplements have too much B6 in them.
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Kenzo95 Wow I just figured clicking on your name would take me to your info. I just posted on your old thread about getting tested for lyme. I will bet big bucks it is your problem. I see another post above that suggests the same ! I hope you have been tested!

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is hanging in there and things are getting better.:) I'm getting my life back and grateful. Prayed for a miracle and God gave it to me. I have a ton of Faith and if it is His will..He will answer prayers. :) 03/17 - 1
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selmaS Glad to hear things are getting better for you...prayers things continue to improve <3
is hanging in there, but tired of just hanging in there. I want life, like it used to be. Praying for a miracle. God can give it to me. I have Faith, for it is all we have. If it is His will, He answers our prayers. :) 01/15 - 0
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